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VW e-Golf

If you're the type to join a revolution and fancy a car that's dirt cheap to run then take a close look at the VW e-Golf which is at the forefront of a growing trend. However, it costs a lot more than a normal Golf and there are still worries about its range.

For those who are attracted by all-electric motoring, the VW e-Golf offers a vehicle that is very similar to the petrol or diesel version. Indeed, while it has silent operation it is a good performing car. There are just a few exterior tweaks, apart from the nametag on the grill, that set this apart from its siblings. For instance, there's a blue trim and the radiator grille has been blanked off and the daytime running lights are set deep into the front bumper.

Under the bonnet is an electric motor that produces 114 bhp and all of this power is available when the driver presses the accelerator pedal; there's an impressive turn of speed and the e-Golf can reach 62 mph in just over 10 seconds. Perhaps the only downside is that the top speed is just 87 mph and the ride feels a tad firmer because of the batteries’ extra weight. The boot size is also smaller too.

As mentioned previously, one of the drawbacks for only an all-electric car is the range of it which causes some drivers to be anxious about how far they can actually go; Volkswagen says the e-Golf will reach 118 miles before having to be recharged. In real world driving owners should be prepared to accept the actual range will be much lower. However, when they do come to recharge the car they will do it for a fraction of the price it would cost to fill up with petrol or diesel. It would also be a good idea to install a fast charging system at home to enable a quicker recharge though the VW e-Golf can be charged from a standard household electrical socket.

The other big obstacle is the asking price for the VW e-Golf though there's plenty of equipment including satnav, keyless entry, climate control as well as automatic headlights and wipers. The alloy wheels have been aerodynamically optimised to boost economy.

There's no doubt that all-electric cars are growing in popularity and there's a lot to recommend them with car manufacturers falling over themselves to bring even better vehicles to the market; the VW e-Golf is a stylish and well-made addition to the ranks that's great fun to drive and a sound performer around town and on motorways. In addition, because of the car it is based on, the e-Golf offers familiarity and a reassurance that it's a well-made and well-equipped car to enjoy.
VW e-Golf
Performance 85%
Reliability 85%
Equipment 80%
Safety 80%
Quality 80%
Overall Score 82%
The VW e-Golf is unbelievably cheap to run and quicker than many would believe. It's also got the renowned Golf build quality and is one of the best all-electric cars currently available.