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How does Car Trust work?

Please visit our How it works page.


Can I see Car Trust’s Terms and Conditions?

Please visit our Terms & Conditions page.


Can you tell me about Car Trust?

Car Trust is a marketplace that allows and facilitates users to offer, sell and buy vehicles within in secured manner, facilitated by Car Trust Plan Limited.  As a marketplace, Car Trust does not own or sell the vehicles listed on this site, so the actual contract for sale is directly between the sellers and buyers.


How safe is Car Trust?

Car Trust is the most secure and facilitated platform to buy/sell vehicles in the UK.  The identity, address and credit history of all users, and full history of all vehicles listed is checked prior to any activity.  The buyers have to deposit the agreed price into Car Trust’s Holding Account, with any outstanding finance (if any) and the remaining amount (after deduction of Car Trust’s fee of 1.5%) is transferred to the seller once handover of the vehicle has taken place.  At the the time of handover both buyers and sellers have to sign a checklist after checking number of documents from each other, making the risk of fraud virtually non-existent.


How much can I save by selling my vehicle via Car Trust?

Please visit our Pricing page.


How is my guaranteed Experian vehicle search fee refunded?

The fee will be refunded after a successful purchase via Car Trust.


What’s the best way to take photos of my vehicle for my advert?

With thousands of options online for potential buyers, attracting attention to your used vehicle advertisement can be difficult.  One way you can make your vehicle stand out from the rest is to take a variety of good photographs.

As the first thing potential buyers will look at in an advert are the pictures of your vehicle, you need to make sure they stand out and draw attention.

Photo shoot tips:

Make sure the vehicle looks clean and tidy inside and out. Smarten it up with a good wash and throw away any clutter from inside.

Wash the exterior.

Apply a fresh coat of wax.

Detail the wheels.

Make sure the wheels are shiny and the tyres are blackened.

Wash the carpet, if necessary.

Replace floor mats, if necessary.

Clean the boot.

Vacuum the interior.

Clean and roll up the windows, showing they are intact and operational.

Choose somewhere bright, with a plain background so that the vehicle stands out; somewhere with enough room to get all round the vehicle, and if possible, only shoot the vehicle when it’s dry and in bright light or daylight but not in direct sunlight.

When you take the photos, try to take them from a natural height. Don’t crouch down or stand on something to make them look more dramatic.

Finally, take a good selection of photos so that any prospective buyer gets a complete view of the vehicle – inside and out. We recommend taking pictures from these angles, and choosing the best for your advert:

Front corner

Rear corner

Front straight-on

Back straight-on

Side profile

Close-up of a wheel – especially if they are alloys

The dashboard

Front and rear seats

Inside the boot

The engine bay

Any damage to your vehicle

With a convertible, take a picture with the roof down and one with the roof up