About us


Until Car Trust, there was no reliable, trustworthy and secure method available to buy and sell vehicles privately.  For a private transaction both parties had to trust each other, involving significant potential risk, particularly if the vehicle is of high value.  The situation was even more complicated if the vehicle was on finance.

We have experienced first-hand the difficulty of getting the best value for money while selling or purchasing vehicles privately.  It was stressful and uncertain.

Car Trust enables private vehicle buyers and sellers to communicate directly via the user friendly, secure platform.  You can make contact in a recorded, clear fashion, negotiate a price and transfer funds via Car Trust.  We will take responsibility for clearing outstanding finance if there is any.

We believe both buyers and sellers can make significant savings by using Car Trust.


Our values

Car Trust has been set up to provide a trusted and secured environment in which both the sellers and buyers can operate with ease and peace of mind and achieve better value than the currently available options in the UK to sell and buy vehicles directly.

We offer this unique and comprehensive service very competitively and the Car Trust users and their interests are always at the core of our services.

  • Users and their interests are always our priority
  • High ethical standards, always complying with UK laws and regulation in spirit
  • Security, transparency and ease of use are paramount